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An Atlas of Latter-day Saint History

The Empire of Deseret, 1846-1910

Settling the Wasatch Front
Early Land Surveys in the Salt Lake Valley
Pioneer Arrival in the Salt Lake Valley
Timeline of the Handcart Rescue
A timeline of the 1856 Handcart Rescue that did not make it into the atlas, but I believe is very explanatory.
Pioneer Explorers of Utah
Travels of John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff, and Lorenzo Snow
Travels of Joseph F. Smith
The Handcart Trail
The Martin and Willie Companies in Central Wyoming
19th Century Missions
Downtown Salt Lake City in 1950
Colonizing the Intermountain West
The Camp of Israel crosses Iowa, 1846
The Camp of Israel crosses Iowa, 1846
The Voyage of the Brooklyn
The 1847 Vanguard Pioneer Company
19th Century Missions
Church Land Ownership in Downtown Salt Lake City
Downtown Salt Lake City, 2009
Downtown Salt Lake City, 1900
Downtown Salt Lake City, 1860