GeoHistorical Data

This page contains a variety of datasets that were used to construct the atlas. You are welcome to use these in your own projects, as long as you publicly cite Mapping Mormonism as the source.

If you are in need of something else you saw in the atlas, post a comment below and we’ll see what we can do.


8 Responses to GeoHistorical Data

  1. Stephen Wight says:

    Page 41 of “Mapping Mormonism” states: “Note: This map cannot show names and details about each branch, but detailed information can be found on the companion website,” Please help, where on this website can I find this information?

  2. Jim says:

    What other KMZ files are available?

    • Brandon says:

      What do you want? I can turn most of the information in the printed atlas in to a simple KMZ file. Won’t be pretty, but it might be useful.

      • Jason says:

        Your book is awesome. I plan to show some of your maps for Sunday School tomorrow because they provide great insight into the expansion of the church.

        If you’re willing to post some more KMZ files (and shapefiles if possible), I’d love to play with them.

        I’m just starting out in the world of GIS and love how you have presented your data.

      • Bryce Berrett says:

        I would also be interested in other KMZ files or shapefiles. I am making a GIS restoration Story map on and would love files with church history sites. Especially the places where Joseph Smith and the church traveled during the early days of the church.

  3. Carlos Moreira says:

    I downloaded the stakes kmz. my stake center, Monterrey Mexico Roma stake moved ever since our Monterrey temple was built. lat 25.58999, lon -100.26055

  4. Kate Shaffer says:

    Thank you so much for providing this resource!! I am a gospel doctrine teacher and will use your resources all year, I’m sure.

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