About the Atlas

coverMAPPING MORMONISM brings together contributions from sixty experts in the fields of geography, history, Mormon history, and economics to produce the most monumental work of its kind.

More than an atlas, this book also includes hundreds of timelines and charts, along with carefully researched descriptions, that track the Mormon movement from its humble beginnings to its worldwide expansion.

A work of this magnitude rarely comes along. Five years in the making and updated right before going to press, Mapping Mormonism will prove to be a landmark reference work in Mormon studies.

This work covers the early Restoration, the settlement of the West, and the expanding Church, giving particular emphasis to recent developments in the modern Church throughout all regions of the world.

Mapping Mormonism is being published by BYU Studies under the BYU Press imprint, with the generous support of the Mormon Historic Sites Foundation, the BYU Council on Religious Endeavors, and the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies.

6 Responses to About the Atlas

  1. Bonnie says:


    We are searching for the Mapping Mormonism atlas that apparently is so popular. I got it for my husband for Christmas and he wants to get one for his dad, but we cannot find it anywhere. Is it out of print?

    Thank you for your time and response.


    Bonnie Tanner

  2. Derek says:

    I just bought the first edition that you say is out of print. You say you will be reprinting a new edition this summer. Should I cancel my purchase and wait? And do you plan on continuously printing new editions, or are you just going to put all of the information on the web and update it there?

  3. Laura Jo DeMordaunt says:

    I am writing a book about my ancestor who was in the
    Battle of Nauvoo. I understand that you a map of the battle in your book. Would you be willing to share the pages wherein this map is located as I can’t afford the $150.00 cost of the book. I live in Idaho Falls and don’t go to Salt Lake very often so I can go to a Utah library that might have the book on their shelves. Regards,
    Laura Jo DeMordaunt

  4. Christie says:

    Is it still out of print? It’s showing as unavailable on Deseret Book’s website, and still costs of hundreds of dollars for the few that are available on Amazon. I’m really eager to get a copy of this for both my father and grandfather…

  5. Neal says:

    Been waiting for a revised edition! Is one going to be released?

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