Martyrdom in Carthage Jail

June 25th: Joseph & Hyrum stay in the debtor’s cell (1)
June 26th: moved to Dungeon (2) for their protection
Due to the heat, they are allowed to sleep in the Jailer’s own bedroom (3)
June 27th, 5:12pm: Mob (4) charges past jail guards and climb the stairs, attacking the bedroom. Others remain outside, shooting at the windows
5:13pm: Hyrum (HS) is killed by a shot to the face
5:14pm: Joseph Smith (JS) and Willard Richards (WR) hold the door, John Taylor (JT) goes to the window, is shot 4 times (5), rolls under the bed
5:15pm: While WR knocks down gun barrels with his cane, Joseph runs to the window (6), is shot several times from the door and outside, falls through the window
(7) Mob rushes outside to see Joseph
(8) Richards, uninjured, hides with John Taylor in the dungeon room
(9) As the mob is going back upstairs, someone yells “The Mormons are coming!” and they disperse

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